Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Petting Zoo

Ok one more for the night :O)

A few weeks ago I took Kaleb to Bonnie Springs for their petting zoo. We had a picnic in our car (there wasn't a place to do that there....LAME!!). Then we adventured through the park.

He was watching a peacock cross the road....well trail.

We finally purchased one of those monkey leashes...I know it sounds bad, but it is helpful to allow him some independence and he loves it! The other day he wouldn't eat breakfast until he had his monkey on.

There were chickens and roosters EVERYWHERE! And thanks to the fold out book from Grandma, he LOVES farm animals. Every time the roosters would crow, he'd stop what he was doing turn and say "OHHHH"

He'd go up to this deer and either hit it or pull it's ear. When it would turn away, Kaleb would start giggling and trying to do it again!

So the deer followed him and tried to eat his monkey!

Pigs are his favorite animal right now. This one didn't do much, but when it oinked Kaleb got so excited. Kaleb has developed his own oink lately. He scrunches up his nose and makes a faint oink sound! TOO cute!!

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Gianna said...

I loved the Dolphin Habitat when I was little! I still do :)