Friday, October 7, 2011

Dresden cuteness

So as I have been looking around I realized that we have been really bad about taking and posting pictures of our newest little man.

Here's a little tummy time while he's at the daycare.

I like this one because it's almost like he's deep in thought.

A sleeping baby is worth their weight I gold in my opinion especially when he's this cute.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fell a little behind

Wow it's amazing how fast time flies and leaves us behind. If you're not running at full speed you never seem to get caught up. So the biggest of all the changes is this most handsome of handsome little man Dresden Alexander Nelson who came to us on June 25 2011.

Now after an eventful summer with an ER trip and emergency surgery our happy little family is humming along this fall.

Kari is taking advantage of an awesome opportunity that arose where she can get a bunch of credits towards a masters degree on the cheap from UNLV.

Speaking of UNLV...

That's right I have also joined the ranks of graduate students with my acceptance into the UNLV MFT program. For those of you not keen on acronyms that is the marriage and family therapy program.

Look for more posts to come now that we are hitting a rhythm.

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