Friday, October 7, 2011

Dresden cuteness

So as I have been looking around I realized that we have been really bad about taking and posting pictures of our newest little man.

Here's a little tummy time while he's at the daycare.

I like this one because it's almost like he's deep in thought.

A sleeping baby is worth their weight I gold in my opinion especially when he's this cute.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fell a little behind

Wow it's amazing how fast time flies and leaves us behind. If you're not running at full speed you never seem to get caught up. So the biggest of all the changes is this most handsome of handsome little man Dresden Alexander Nelson who came to us on June 25 2011.

Now after an eventful summer with an ER trip and emergency surgery our happy little family is humming along this fall.

Kari is taking advantage of an awesome opportunity that arose where she can get a bunch of credits towards a masters degree on the cheap from UNLV.

Speaking of UNLV...

That's right I have also joined the ranks of graduate students with my acceptance into the UNLV MFT program. For those of you not keen on acronyms that is the marriage and family therapy program.

Look for more posts to come now that we are hitting a rhythm.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


So Kari got a Christmas gift early, so I was playing around with it after dinner one night. We have been working with Dooda to say more than just Please or More when he wants something. So this is a result of that effort.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Been a while . . . .

OK ok I know that it has been awhile so here is a shot at redemtion. I am only 3 weeks away from that coveted piece of paper, that's right folks we'll have another college grad here soon!

But in the mean time whilst we are all waiting for Matt to have more free time thought you might like a video and some pictures!

So having both kids in the tub can be interesting, this time though they were working together on an awesome toy!

These are some pictures from a couple of nights ago when Dooda (dressed as the super hero) was playing with Kari's hair. It was interesting there for a minute.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is Dooda's battle scars from daycare. This is the second time he has been bitten with in the first week of daycare. And this is the third time he's come home with an incident report. Oi vey!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage

REVISION.....I hope the pictures work now :O)

Yesterday we went the the dolphin habitat at the Mirage. It was a teacher's appreciation day and we got in for a dollar! What a fun way to spend our afternoon!!

It was really hot, so we bought a slushie...his first one ever!!
I think he liked it!!

He loved looking at the dolphins, although at times I think he liked the drains on the side of the pool better since they had water running through them.

He and our friend James had a blast. James was quite the little helper! He's trying really hard to be "responsible" so he can get a pocket knife.

Kaleb was so fascinated with the baby tigers. They had a nice little nursery there and the babies were all stocked up on their toys.

Then he got bored and started playing with his reflection. Almost looks like he was kissing himself. :O)

We were watching the leopard stare at us. It was so hot. The kids all wanted the lions to roar, but we told them it was too hot so they did it for them :O) Too cute!

All in all it was a fun day with lots of adventures! We went down to the underwater observation room. Kaleb ran all through it, then would run to the glass and say ohhhh. Then start running all over again. We picked up the car from valet (the best thing ever here in Vegas) and he crashed within 5 minutes of being in the car seat. I think he liked it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Petting Zoo

Ok one more for the night :O)

A few weeks ago I took Kaleb to Bonnie Springs for their petting zoo. We had a picnic in our car (there wasn't a place to do that there....LAME!!). Then we adventured through the park.

He was watching a peacock cross the road....well trail.

We finally purchased one of those monkey leashes...I know it sounds bad, but it is helpful to allow him some independence and he loves it! The other day he wouldn't eat breakfast until he had his monkey on.

There were chickens and roosters EVERYWHERE! And thanks to the fold out book from Grandma, he LOVES farm animals. Every time the roosters would crow, he'd stop what he was doing turn and say "OHHHH"

He'd go up to this deer and either hit it or pull it's ear. When it would turn away, Kaleb would start giggling and trying to do it again!

So the deer followed him and tried to eat his monkey!

Pigs are his favorite animal right now. This one didn't do much, but when it oinked Kaleb got so excited. Kaleb has developed his own oink lately. He scrunches up his nose and makes a faint oink sound! TOO cute!!