Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Videos

OK so here is another video of Kaleb moving and crawling.


Thats right people he did it. Kaleb has mastered the art of crawling. Ok so maybe not mastered but hes got a pretty good idea of how it goes.

Here is another video of Kaleb playing around before bed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today marks the third day of sickness in my family. Tuesday, I got this stomach thingy and made working unbearable and yes people I actually caved in and took Wednesday off. It's a miracle I know. I HATE HATE HATE making sub plans! But luckily the sub seems to have done well...

Well then Kaleb got sent home from daycare early on Wednesday sending Matt home early since I was so sick and couldn't even really hold Kaleb the day prior. So here we were two sickos with daddy taking care of us. I felt better and had to call in sick again for today since Kaleb couldn't go back to daycare today.

So today I am well and have sick baby. He seems to be doing better and surprisingly ISN'T grumpy at all! He couldn't be happier! WEIRD!!! But I think our preventative measures on the diaper rash (since we apply butt paste at every other changing) is helping him!

Now I'm off thinking of good baby shower games. My beautiful sister (SAHA) is having another BABY!!! The first KIRCHMANN boy!!! YEA!!!!! Any fun suggestions will be appreciated!