Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Children's Museum

I think I am bad at this blogging thing because I don't get comments and I need responses in order to stay persuaded to do it. That's why I was never big into journal never answered back :O)

Well yesterday we bought a year pass to the children's museum here in Vegas. We took all my nieces and nephews there last year. Hyrum was Kaleb's age then, so I figured Kaleb would love it. Boy was I right. Just the freedom to RUN around was plenty for Kaleb. We stayed mostly in two of the "work" rooms. One was a machine that moved blocks across the room and the other had a HUGE US Air plane for him to go into, plus a hamster cage thing. He didn't try climbing inside...YET...and it took some persuading, but he decided crawling through the ground level tube was OK...then it was awesome cause he could stop in the middle and neither mommy nor daddy could quite reach him...or so he thought!!

There was an exhibit with bubbles. We could stand in the middle of one! Which was a rather difficult task getting the bubble to actually last all the way to both of our 5'11" and 6' heights. Matt and Kaleb also were in a Hurricane simulation. The wind speeds got up to 78 mph. Kaleb's excessive drools were all flung back onto his was too funny! Here are some photos to highlight the experience!! ENJOY!!


Where to Daddy? Minnesota...OK!
How does this work???

Soooo Thirsty!!

Making a bubble

This way was much easier!

So I think I'm becoming like my mom....lost of pictures of everyone BUT me!! LOL!

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