Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer House Projects

Well it has been a BUSY BUSY summer!! I can't believe it's almost over! There is still so much I want to get done before I have school on my plate again! But here are our little projects from the summer....

Closets....I am just an organization freak...and I think I need to prove to myself that this summer wasn't a waste.

Here is my new downstairs!!

The small wall is finally covered! We had a hard time figuring out what to do with this wall!

I love my new couch!! Matt and I decided that this would be a good anniversary present. He he he he we've become so practical! Last year we bought a bed set!

Here is my pantry and spice cabinet....believe me it was a MESS!!!

Here is that awkward closet under the stairs. My wonderful husband built the shelves in the back and the side.

There are still so many projects going on. We've redone parts of Kaleb's room, our office is under construction, and our room will be soon too!

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Cristen said...

I love all your new stuff. I wish I was as good at organizing as you. I love your new tv room. the couch looks so good!