Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Fun

Ok so as I was leaving my close relationship communication class this morning I stopped to talk to the professor because I was late for a number of reasons (not important here) So I was asking him about the assignments that we had due next week and he made and interesting comment about class he thanked me for standing up for marriage. Our class had been about the turning points in a realtionship and the class discussion had drifted to the question about "starter marriages" I had to say something and basically said that we should value marrige more because it should be a bigger commitment that it is today.
So as I was trying to explain to the professor why I felt that way after class I told him that I am LDS and started to explain that a little and he goes, yeah me too. I knew I liked this guy for a reason. Anyways just a little random fact this morning.

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craftyashley said...

Cute story! I love it when even the teacher is secretly rolling their eyes at crazy students.