Friday, February 27, 2009


We went on our final walk through of the house...Everything is done and ready for us to move in. The underwriter now has our fate in his hands. THis is a fun time trying to figure out what is going to happen.

Lisa, Josh, Sarah, and all the kids are out here now. I love it! I took today off so that I could spend more time with them. They are throwing me a baby shower tonight. I can't wait. FInally we will have something for this little munchin growing inside me. He will soon have a room too. Everything is falling into its just up to us to keep up with normal life right now I really shouldn't be blogging I should be doing homework for this class I have to take to renew my teaching license. blah blah blah....It is so boring. School laws are really long and boring. But if you think about it really needed. I could also be actually be doing report card comments too...arg...being a teacher is a lot of work. LONG LONG hours.

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craftyashley said...

Congrats! You must post pictures of the new place!