Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So today was my first day back to work. And let me tell was full! First dooda had to go to daycare, but did he sleep through the night?!?! NOPE Momma had to get up with him a couple of times. Finally got daddy and mommy lunches, baby fed, and diaper bag filled and we got out the door on time! Good thing we had breakfast at work today or else I'd have starved.

Work was full of meetings and I ended up having to rearrange my room about three times! Still up in the air if this one will stick and work! I am getting some fun new toys though!!! One is an ELMO (a really cool thing that can project books and papers onto the wall), two an new LCD Projector, and three a Smart board (this is a white board that is connected to my computer and I can write on it and save it to my computer!!! TOO COOL!!) Shoot any technology I can get I will use! :O)

Finally I left my room...a little messy, but still was out of there by 3:30! For those of you that don't know this...that is a HUGE accomplishment for me!! I went scrambling on some new black pants, nylons, and school stuff.

Then headed over to Kathy's to help her with some stuff and to pick up my little dooda. We didn't get home until 9...poor little guy only slept 75 min at daycare...he was too pooped to pop!

Now I am up with Rocky the spastic dog waiting on Matt to finally get home. He stayed with his mom figuring out some stuff while I took dooda home.


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