Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catch up!

Once again we welcome you to join in our celebration of life!!

So I know that we have been kind of lax on our blog work, but life is what it is and I am not going to make excuses any longer so just deal with it!! =)

However I do want to share some of the goings on that have been happening in our lives lately.

So I am not sure how many people we told about a change that I had in my job back around the time Kaleb was born, but I did receive a promotion at work and am now what is called an account manager, so when you get really mad at your credit card you ask to speak to me…..That has been really fun lately as Citi has been taking some steps to make changes that are not really popular with many consumers right now. Especially if you watch CNN or Fox News you probably have seen that Citi is “the spawn of the devil” as one elderly lady told me the other day. All in all though I am thankful that I still have a job and its in a department that is thriving and growing. Lately they have had more overtime than we have been able to fulfill, a good sign I am sure.

School is wrapping up soon for me this semester and as Kari puts it “here comes stressed out Matt” as finals approach. Although I think it shouldn’t be that bad this semester. That also means that I am one semester closer to the end. As I met with my advisor earlier this semester she told me that I am on course to graduate this time next winter so heres hoping that I don’t screw that up between now and then. That also means that I should be looking more closely at grad schools and programs for the next stage of my career. I am looking at going into Marriage and Family Therapy, so if anyone knows of any good grad programs I am all ears at this point.

Kari has been super busy this last week as report cards were due last Monday and signifies the end of her first trimester at school. She has been taking a really active role in school as she is the math specialist for her school and they have been working on implementing some new ideas and skills into the teaching of math. Also to add to her plate she is tutoring 2 times a week, which has been a huge blessing as those funds help to off set the cost of daycare for kiddo.

I do have to say that I am constantly amazed by Kari and how she is able to do so many things. With Thanksgiving this week she did an awesome job of cooking and even tried some new things, such as a really good sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. Additionally she found recipes online for homemade baby food and Kaleb is loving it. I personally am not a big fan of the squash but that’s for other reasons. This year we wanted to try deep frying our turkey and I do have to say that everyone is right that the turkey was juicy and really good and didn’t take that long to cook. I think it may become a tradition.

More on Kaleb will follow!!

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