Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Update....

So went to the doctor this morning....Kaleb is good and strong. HIs little heart was going all fast and steady. He actually stayed in one place this time and didn't move to get away from the doctor. Usually the doctor has a hard time keeping the heartbeat going for very long because Kaleb is on the move. I think he is running out of places to go though...getting too big. His head has dropped...and boy do I feel it! It's the worst when you run to the bathroom and go only a little bit...I always want to say ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! All that running for this little bit!!!

So somehow on Saturday I woke up with a throbbing heel. I think I bruised it somehow. Anyway now when I have to go to the bathroom I look like an injured duck...because I waddle and limp. I guess it is a funny sight. My kids tend to get a kick out of it.

Life is good thus far. We are in the house and slowly unpacking everything. We actually have pictures on the wall now. I didn't realize how many pictures we have accumulated over the past two years..ok year and a half....But now we have more wall space!!! We can now space things out and not cram everything on one or two walls...We had a ton of pictures in a box from our previous move too. Lots to choose from.

The baby room is still full of stuff that isn't baby related...like old clothes, and bags of blankets...etc. We have a few of the big things...We now have a pack n play (aka play pen), three car seat anchors, a high chair...we have a carseat to take him home in, but no stroller. Still need lots of stuff...and we are just realizing how much we still need to prepare for Kaleb. The hardest part is that I have so much to prepare for school before he comes too. I guess it is a blessing that we can't go to Cancun with my family. I'll have a week to work on preparing school stuff and work on Kaleb's room. I'd like to get a set of drawers or something for his room....lots to do.

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craftyashley said...

I know, it gets so overwhelming. Babies have so much stuff! We just cleaned out the garage- and kids have stuff! Stuff we can't throw away either! Agh!